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  • Cellulose Chromatography Papers

    Our Whatman cellulose chromatography papers are available in 11 different grades with different thickness and flow rate characteristics, optimized for your specific application. The grades come in both sheet and roll formats. Grade 1 Chr is available in chromatography strips and grade 3MM is available in different diameter circles.

    Whatman cellulose chromatography papers are widely used for chromatography worldwide. Produced from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives, Whatman cellulose chromatography papers are of the purity, high quality, and consistency needed. The papers are manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure uniformity.

  • Ion Exchange Papers

    Our Whatman ion exchange papers are available in three different grades: DE81 weak anion paper, P81 strong cation paper, and SG81 non-charged silica gel cellulose paper. These papers come in a variety of different diameter circles and sheet formats.

    DE81 is a DEAE cellulose paper with a weak basic anion exchanger for use with reverse transcriptase assays and DNA polymerase. P81 is a thin cellulose phosphate paper with a strong cation exchanger for use with protein kinase assays with peptide substrates. SG81 is a non-charged paper combining cellulose and large pore silica gel that is used for separation of phospholipids, steroids, phenols, and dyes.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items