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  • Laboratory Filtration Products

    We offer a complete range of laboratory filtration products, from filter papers and membranes to syringe filters, capsules, microplates, and filter vials. Whatman filters are world-renowned as a standard for laboratory filtration and are associated with quality, reliability, and reproducibility. Products such as our ready-to-use glass fiber filters, for determination of suspended solids in water, or our Mini-UniPrep G2 filter vial, for preparing multiple HPLC/UHPLC samples simultaneously, help you obtain higher quality results in less time.

    Filtration is one of the most common techniques used in the laboratory to purify or concentrate samples. It can be used for many applications such as sample clarification before analysis, mobile phase filtration, membrane-based microbiology, sample sterilization, or particle sampling before analysis. Our Whatman filters are used in a wide range of areas such as quality testing in the pharmaceutical industry and in the food and beverage industry, but also in research and in environmental monitoring.

  • Sample Collection

    We offer a large variety of products to meet your requirements for sample collection, transportation, and storage. Our Whatman FTA/FTA Elute cards provide simple solutions to collect, preserve, and purify biological samples at room temperature for downstream DNA analysis. FTA DMPK-A, FTA DMPK-B, and FTA DMPK-C cards are ideal media for dried blood spot (DBS) microvolume sampling and are widely used in drug metabolism (DM), pharmacokinetic (PK), and toxicokinetic (TK) studies. 903 cards have a long history in newborn screening.

    Convenient collection products and reliable solutions for transportation and preservation of biological samples are essential in a wide range of forensic, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, research, and screening applications. Biological samples include for examples blood, buccal, tissue, plant, and cultured cell samples as well as microorganisms. DNA and other biomolecules collected with these products may, after simple purification steps, be used for many types of downstream analyses.

  • General Laboratory Accessories

    Our general laboratory accessories include microplates for various applications, extraction thimbles, and test papers such as antibiotic assay discs and pH indicator papers. We also offer products for surface protection, cleaning, weighing, and storage that are used in thousands of laboratories around the world.

    In any laboratory, products are needed to maintain a clean and efficient working environment, for example surface protection, cleaning accessories, and adequate storage. Absorbent and impermeable Benchkote paper, for example, protects laboratory surfaces from accidental spillages and helps prevent contamination.

  • Imaging Systems

    The Azure c Series Imaging Systems


    The Azure™ Biosystems cSeries offers 5 unique gel imaging systems. Select which one fits your applications now, and learn more about upgrading later when your needs change.

  • Liquid Handling

    LifeGene's state-of-the-art pipette tips brand for best results now at your lab. making the most of pipetting with additional variety of top brands pipettors. 

  • Plastics Consumables

    We are proudly presenting some of the best plastic consumables product from our top manufacturers. all are pyrogen free. large variety - best results. 

  • PCR & qPCR

    Enjoy LifeGene's broad variety of PCR/qPCR kits, enzymes and consumables.

    Maximize your productivity and results.  

  • Western Blotting

    Our solutions for making Westerns better. By introducing you some of the best companies in the field such as Whatman and AzureBiosystems, we offer a great way for great results. from 3MM blotting papers up to super sensitive IR (700/800) kits. 

  • Cell Culture
  • Nucleic Acid Isolation

    We bring you our new and optimized kits for all nucleic acid isolation: DNA,RNA,miRNA and more, 

    with unique buffering systems for best results by Bioline, England - The PCR Company. 

  • Competent Cells

    Following ligation of a vector with an insert of interest, the vector is transfected into cells that have been altered to allow easy access of this naked DNA (made competent). The two most commonly used types of competent cells are chemically competent and electroporatically competent . Lower efficiency competent cells are suitable for most purposes whereas high efficiency competent cells are suitable for more difficult cloning and library construction.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 148 items